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Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to advertise your business.

Advantages - Efficient


This promotion method allows you to use the mailing list which offers the possibility of distributing information to a wide range of customers for a cost reduced for you in comparison with other promotion methods.


Easy to be followed

Through Google Analytics the bounce messages, the number of those subscribing or unsubscribing, the clicks, the open rates, the positive or negative replies are measured and correlated with the marketing sales.

Advantages - Subscribing

Opt-in or opt-out emails. This helps at the periodical update of the database, the e-mail list. People desiring to receive your e-mail will gladly supply to you the e-mail address. When they are not interested, they can unsubscribe.


Quick reply

Let’s be fair – direct e-mail is slow. To receive a reply can take between 7 and 10 days. Marketing e-mail has yet a reply somewhere between 1 and 3 days. It can reach a substantial number of subscribers within a short time period.


Global coverage

Irrespective of where you are, the targeted e-mails can reach the destination. There are no limits regarding marketing e-mail.
Upon the discovery of a tempting or useful offer, some users will choose to forward the email to people they know and that can be interested. This means that marketing e-mail does not only have a wider range of action but also network coverage due to those forwarding the e-mail and acting as lawyers of the brand.


Targeted marketing

You have the possibility of targeting a specific audience depending on age, income or everything which fits to your needs. Would you like to send a coupon to male persons between 20 – 30 years from a certain area? Nothing could be simpler!
As business or marketing person you surely have heard about target marketing. In one word, not all the segments of the customer base desire the same thing. If you are local retailer selling garments for men and women, probably it does not make sense to promote dresses to male customers. Or to notify to customers on the Eastern part a special weekend at the store on the Western part cannot make any sense for a business with many sites. This issue can be solved by marketing e-mail.
One of the benefits related to marketing e-mail is that it allows you to split the list on segments based on all demographic data, data of interest and behavioral data, data which can be collected from your customers.


Measurable results

Special tools are available to measure the results with a precision rate through the click rate, conversion rate.
Marketing e-mail can supply information related to the number of those having open the newsletter, of those pressing at least one click, which link was more often accessed, how many have complained that it was a spam and, of course, if the newsletter reached the recipient’s e-mail box.

Advantages - Interactivity


Afterwards, marketing e-mail is interactive. You can initiate campaigns by using music videos, graphics, music, competitionsetc. Unlike to a website, marketing e-mail allows you to send the e-mail directly to the target.

Advantages- Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

The conversion of a customer purchasing your product for the first time into a loyal customer is a crucial step which must be reached. But most of the times companies concentrate on winning new customers and do not pay enough attention to the current ones. Building customer loyalty needs time and desire to invest. One of the most efficient methods is building and maintaining loyalty through marketing e-mail.
For example, once a customer has purchased something from you, the e-mail can be used to thank the customer for the purchase. Or you can use the e-mail to send to the customer a coupon for his/her birthday. And not the least you can remind the customer to buy from you again by sending to him/her offers which might interest him/her.
Building loyalty cannot happen over night but through newsletters companies can be confident that this goal will be reached.