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This is what you have at your disposal to capture your visitors! So we put our wheels in motion. We are here to ensure not only that site visitors will stay longer, but also to turn them into customers.
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"Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does."
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David Carson

Agentie Web DesignAgentie Web Design


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Nowadays, the business needs to be promoted online. Why? Because it’s essential that potential customers can find your website easily and for improving your relationship with your current customers. Our team uses many technologies to address the benefits of your business, be it web design, search engine optimization or email marketing.

Smarties Advertising offers web design services, email marketing, graphic design. The websites we create are easy to use, look good thanks to the experienced team that works to meet the most demanding requirements. We use experience to combine design and development processes to create a successful website that is also a business card for your business.

Websites, virtual stores and newsletters are responsive to look great regardless of the resolution of the device: desktop, tablets or mobile phones.

Over half of those using the Internet read emails and visit sites on mobile devices. These users are often lost for the simple reason that they do not have the patience to read a newsletter (or visit a site) that can’t be read in optimal conditions. That’s why it’s a must to make responsive newsletters and websites a successful choice.

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