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Responsive newsletters > why?

With the spread of mobile devices, the correct release of newsletters has become crucial

newsletter responsive

As we do not decide on which devices the users check their correspondence, but they decide, one of the services which we supply consists of responsive newsletters.

In order to understand what it means and why this “responsive” must be used in the shortest time, we recommend you to read a short presentation.

Once with the purchase of tablets and smart phones, the correct reproduction of newsletters and on mobile devices has become crucial so that the efforts made for email marketing should be successful.

Finding a way to deliver an e-mail which can be displayed on all display dimensions is a challenge. At present, most people create a separate e-mail for the users of mobile phones and distribute it depending on the subscriber’s preferences or supply a link within the e-mail in order to open a mobile-friendly version in browser. But by capitalizing some new coding techniques we can deliver now automatically both desktop as well as mobile-friendly versions depending on the device on which the e-mail is viewed.

This is called responsive design, and is already used today for many websites (including this one). E-mail marketing is at the beginning of using this technique but changes radically the way in which we project the e-mails for a proper reproduction on different devices.

Email responsive > Advantages

  • it does not have to be enhanced when it is read from a mobile device;
  • the texts are bigger, more easy to be read;
  • the keys are easily to be pressed;
  • the photos can be enhanced;
  • higher conversion rates, which means more sales;
  • more loyal customers, as the probability of opening electronic messages on smart phones and tablets is higher in the future.

Email responsive > Statistics

  • Android users spend most of their time reading emails on this type of device;
  • The number of mobile emails is expected to increase;
  • 67.2% of users use smartphones to check their emails;
  • reading emails on your smartphone is no 1 Activity, as we can see in the next chart.
Email responsive - grafic