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An effective email marketing campaign means going through well-defined stages

Marketing e-mail can be an efficient way of generating, managing and increasing sales. But while it has the power to be an excellent instrument for this purpose, it a long-term marketing activity and most times the results cannot be seen overnight. It needs a well-planned system and constant effort but it is worth it.


    Etape - Plan

    First of all, a first list of e-mails must be elaborated. You have gathered lots of e-mail addresses (preferably by subscribing to your website or the newsletter which shall come in the nearest future) – what’s next? Now it is decide to decide: what exactly would you like to send and when will you send what you decide. The best way to have answers to these questions is to draw-up a marketing e-mail plan. If you ask yourself what’s the use of such plan, the answer is that the plan supplies a certain structure and purpose to the campaign; it
    helps you to understand your customers in order to develop the content they desire and, perhaps the most important aspect, to make efforts for this. With a little bit of work and research we can create a solid marketing e-mail plan to help your business to grow.


    Etape - design

    We can professionally create a template for the campaign taking into account your branding style related to image, fonts, colors. We can create a template which can be observed every
    time you would like to send a newsletter so that the recipients of what you would like to send them in the future could recognize you without any effort. Once we agree upon the template,
    we can fill it in with data, images, offers. The first e-mail which comes from you, is very important – is what the customers or possible customers see for the first time when they
    open the Inbox.

    We can assure you also of the clarity of the CTAs (Call to Action) so that the reader of the newsletter gets interested and knows what to do next.


    Stages- development

    We guarantee that the code behind what the user sees shall be a clean code, which ensures the loading of the newsletter without any issues. This is because each e-mail must have the code as correct as possible for a marketing email campaign to be successful and to be visibly correct for most of the e-mail customers – even on mobile phones (therefore you can select the option of Responsive email).


    Stages- Testing

    After performing the previous steps it is time to text the content of the campaign. Even if we made sure that everything works at the testing in browsers, if it really works, then this shall be seen when testing directly for the e-mail customers. The first step is to determine the testing criteria, the platform for each individual e-mail campaign.

    Email marketing can be measured. This is one of the reasons for which A/B testing has become a popular tactics for the improvement of the results. Creating more versions of the
    newsletter and using the winning version can be only for the campaign’s advantage. Optimizing the e-mail assumes a constant improvement effort. Not only should the messages
    be optimized but the entire chain which leads to conversions and sales. A simple optimizing would be to test the subjects. But many “get blocked” when testing only the subject. In order for the first step to be a good one, better practices must be adopted instead and it should use A/B testing in order to optimize the content of the newsletter to increase clicks and conversion rates.


    Etape - trimitere

    The time of mailing has also a major importance. Therefore, depending on the recipients of
    the newsletter the perfect timing for mailing the newsletter is determined.

    But the days when sending an e-mail can be efficient are changed many times too often, therefore the perfect timing shall be decided also depending on the number of open, read e-mails after sending some campaigns in order to see what works best and to be able to recommend you a certain day or mailing hour.


    Etape - Benchmark

    Segmentation – Segmentation – The segmentation of the lists has as purpose the targeting of a specific audience. Universal testing shall have non-eloquent results. The respondents shall supply, inevitably, data which will pull you in different directions, which it is not desirable for an efficient campaign.

    Analysis – we make sure that you can follow up values such as: volume, opening, clicks and conversion rates in order to achieve the impact of the send e-mail. A lack of complete information can quickly turn success into failure and can endanger the profitability of the brand.

    Methodology – methodology must be easily selected for tests and analysis of results and the process must be consistent and repeatable.

    Brainstorm – we look periodically for solutions to optimize campaigns with the entire team.

    Identification of key elements – The main objective, the key indicators must be identified in order to perform a test to achieve the desired results.

    Benchmark – Periodic examination of the results. The time interval can be hours, days or weeks after sending the e-mail.

    Follow-up – The revision of the mailings and achieved results. Conclusions can help the team in making decisions regarding the following mailings based on the achieved results.