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“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” (George S. Patton)
ConsultancyMany companies are affected by sites that do not generate visits and are poorly branded. For many companies, the company’s website performs some very important roles, including visit generation, brand visibility, acts as a hub for all marketing, confidence-building, recruitment efforts and also acts as the primary benchmark for ROI measurement of On-line and off-line marketing efforts.

We will help you to tell the story

The story is very important, but visitors have little patience. It takes little effort to make the story of the company interesting, punctual and easy to follow. Do not bother readers. Pages like “About Us” or “Our Company” are very likely to be the most visited on the website. Most likely, you will not have another chance to convert your visitors if you lose them from the start.

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Consultanta Web Design - Specializare

Web Design Consultancy > What is your company’s specialization?

Defining the company’s specialization is one of the clearest and most dynamic ways to make it part of the competition.

To say that you can do everything from different areas is to your company’s detriment. Be as clear as possible.

  • Develop offers as clearly as possible;
  • You need to make an overview available;
  • Make sure to give details: examples, key points

Web Design Consultancy > The design must be clear and memorable

Don’t decide the design of the website following a decision-making process of several departments. This will deprive your design of those elements that make it memorable, special and exciting.

By design, you can make everything clear and win a lot visually. If you hire a designer, you like what he does and trust him, then you have to trust your instincts and guide him. Make sure the designer understands what makes your company special, what makes it stand out.



Web Design Consultancy > Clear Links

To get as many visits and results as possible, the buttons from your website, the important links need to be clearer and more visible. Play with the language, placement and your offers to maximize the yield of each section of the site. Ensure that each section of the website is accessible to others.

CTAs (Call to Action) of a company blog, for example, must be different from those in the section that offers various solutions or from the page that downloads a document. By optimizing the links on the website, it will be possible to generate more visits that will also have good results.


Web Design Consultancy > Content management

Consultanta - CMSThe website must be easy to update. Choosing the content management system will depend on the complexity and frequency of updates, the traffic you expect to get, the number of authors – these are just a few of the many factors you need to keep in mind.

Create a good content that is specific, as clear as possible and useful to those who visit you.

The content is good to be different to provide an interesting website diversity. You can consider webinars, videos etc.


Web Design Consultancy > what do you need for a successful website?

Consultanta - Ce trebuie sa faci

To succeed with the organization’s website, the company you run, you should not miss out on any of the following. Some are long-lasting but the results will be as well. SEO, for example, requires a lot of time, many market research, but with patience and good specialists, the results will not be delayed.

Customers, prospective customers and partners are the essence of your business. You have to build a strategy for them. The first step is to understand customer needs.

You can have a good website but if you do not have traffic, it will not be successful. Therefore, what you’ll find a little below, must work together so that the fruits of labor can be picked up. The goal of a website should be to bring as many online visitors, as possible, who can turn into customers.

  • SEO: Does the website have results from organic searches? Plan a SEO strategy that includes content creation, blogging, keywords etc.
  • Have you clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to stay up to date with the progress of the online website?
  • Have you considered your re-engagement strategy? For the business to business (B2B) marketplace, the newsletter and social networking enrollments can play a very important role in lead nurturing. Email marketing can play a very important role in increasing conversion rates;
  • The content strategy includes: SEO, lead nurturing (newsletters, reports etc.), the content of the services provided;
  • Set the measurement tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools etc. The ability to establish KPIs will be based on the ability to measure and track the online evolution;
  • Use content, social media, press, events and presentations to boost the credibility of your organization.